he said “you are stronger
than any star
how is it possible that
you take other people’s embers
and do not get burned”

joke’s on you
my love
because maybe you think i’ve got
some kind of fire keeping me alive but

i am not the daybreak, i am
the insurmountable night

joke’s on you my love
you can’t destroy something
that has already

i’m sorry i’m only pretending // r.i.d (via inkskinned)

you love him
so you let him
use your body even if
you can’t quite erase
the shame of it all

you love him
so you give him what
you’re pretty sure he’s after

and maybe nightmares were made
to give us a warning because
once he’s had you
he starts cutting
your heartstrings
until you are holding yourself up
with absolutely

but you love him
so you fuck him
because at least for an instant
he’s yours and yours

even if you can’t stop the thought
that sooner or later
it won’t be your hips
his hands find
to hold.

I know i know i know you’ve got no room in that heart of gold // r.i.d (via inkskinned)